Solutions in a rapidly changing world

To succeed every business must adapt in a business world of extraordinary change. What I offer is clear, concise and focussed advice for business owners and managers to balance needs of the business with the interests of all the stakeholders. To add value to you and your organisation my approach is quick, results oriented and cost effective.

  • Audit
  • Solve
  • Review

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Growth and Change

Managing growth, commercial or personnel change flexibly is key to creating a success culture in your business that is wedded to the future goals and prospects. I will help you create and execute a game plan which with tactical and strategic advice.

  • Get to the heart of your corporate culture
  • Bust any myths about your market and marketing
  • Join the dots between how you operate relate to the world at large

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Non-executive role

As a consultant dedicated to providing your and your business value-added solutions, your board may also benefit from additional rigour bringing independent judgement to bear on issues of strategy, performance and resources including key appointments and standards of conduct along with compliance and risk assessment to

  • Provide your Board with independent counsel
  • Cristallise the strategic direction of the business
  • Monitor performance of the Board of Executive Directors, management and key personnel
  • Consult in appropriate remuneration
  • Hold the Board to account for appropriate fiscal, regulatory and general financial rectitude

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What I will bring to your organisation

A practical and actionable set of tools, processes and advice to support you and your management team in any aspect of your business that would be served by experienced and urgent review. With 20 years of entrepreneurship and successful engagements in small and large enterprise across a range of sectors and roles, I will be able to support and guide you past simple and complex situations that maybe holding you up.


What to do next…

You will need absolute clarity about my process and the associated time and financial costs that arise should you engage me to help you. I recognise your time is valuable but that you also need to step back and away to view the full sweep of your opportunities with fresh eyes.

I propose that we have an initial meeting at which we will briefly look at the main reasons you are considering outside consultancy.

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